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NHS—Easy to find your seal in China!

Q#1:I haven’t worked with you before, how can I trust you?

A1: What we have been doing for decade years product is the O-ring, we come from the factory until now, as we have thought the important of resources integration will be a great help for many customers and also a newborn business, so we create a new company mainly for sourcing service.

We are legally registered Chinese company, with 1000,000RMB registered capital. Our company name is Ningbo Hydraulic Sealing Co.,Ltd (宁波市海卓尼克密封件有限公司),  we can also directly provide you the registered info if you need it.

We provide video chat by skype /Viber, step by step to lead you to know more about us.

Q#2:What can you do for us?

A2: We will help you on each step since you have the idea to purchase from China.

  • When you get in touch with us, you will send us the list of what you want. We will make the purchase plan for you before you come to China and tell you the roughly budget.
  • After you made decision to come to China, we will book hotel for you, pick you up at the airport.
  • During your trip in China, we will send an assistant to help you to check the market and some factories to compare the quality and prices.
  • Compare the price, check the quality then place order, make contract with the supplier. We accept international payment term for T/T, L/C and D/P ect.
  • Supervise the production and quality inspection. We will supervise the production to make sure the quality is good and the delivery time is on time. After the order is completed we will go to inspect the goods then result will be sent to the client with photo, video and comments etc.
  • We could arrange LCL shipping cargo, FCL shipping, Air cargo to your destination depends on the quantity of the order.
  • After sale service, if you have any quality problem, we will be on half of you in China and help you to solve any dispute.

For the client who will buy small quantity of each item for home use or small project, we could help you to find the proper suppliers who supplies small quantity. For the shipment, we will collect the goods in our warehouse and load them together in one container.

Q#3:What is your strength?

A3: Location:We are located in Ningbo City, the port area of the industry chain where there are one of the biggest rubber, sealing, engineering, hardware market. Also the tooling markets is only 40 minutes away from our office. Whatever you are wholesaler, distributor, retailer or for own use, you will easily find what you want in the market.

Work experience: With six-year exporting experience in hydraulic and pneumatic sealing industry, we have good knowledge on international trading, including product sourcing, quality control, warehousing, consolidation loading and custom declaration etc. Since we are familiar with the market that would be helpful to assist you to source the products. Besides ,we have cooperated with many good suppliers who supply high quality products with competitive price.

Q#4:Can I save money while coming to China to buy?

A4: China is the largest nation of exporting. It’s pretty that everyone has heard that people say ‘everything’s made in China!

If you’re sourcing from local wholesalers ,it’s not uncommon to save money when importing directly. In fact, for some products, the savings have been greater. We supplies all kinds of hydraulic sealing and excavator seal kits including Boom/Arm/Bucket seal kits to the world. According to the feedback from our clients, it will save you at least 30%-70% to buy the same quality item in China. This includes your flights, hotel, shipping fees, and duties. And you will also gain a memorable travel experience in China.

Q#5:If I am buying for home use, what is the process?

A5: Whatever wholesale or home use, we care about your demands! If you are buying for home use, it might not buy everything in one factory. And sometime the order need more one week to be finished, you might not stay in China until they are ready. So we will be on behalf of you, go the factory to inspect the items, make sure the model, color, quality are same as you ordered. Then we will collect all the orders in our warehouse and load the container.

Q#6:What is your charge?

A6: NHS provide one-stop solution service, normally we charge as low as 5%  service fee of your total purchasing amount. If you want to import and ‘get it right’, there’s much ground work to complete before an order is placed. Here’s some things we have to organize before providing a quote:

  • A. Sourcing The Right Product – this means choosing from the huge array of potential suppliers, assessing the honest, reliable manufacturers and filtering unreliable or outright fraudulent suppliers.
  • B. Price vs.Quality – Many suppliers offer exceptionally cheap prices. What you won’t discover – until too late – is they’ve sacrificed the quality. Given our experience with a wide range of products – we’re highly attuned to games the manufacturers can play.
  • C. Negotiating Price – In China virtually everything is negotiable. You can usually get a better deal. Comparing several suppliers will help indicate a fair price.
  • D. Specifications and Quantities. Getting the exact specifications for your product is very important. Manufacturers have been known to make costly mistakes simply because they weren’t given highly specific specifications.
  • E. Landed Quotes. This includes calculating freight costs, the weight of goods in containers, how many goods can fit into a container etc
  • Over the long term it’s a small price to pay to have your interests handled by import professionals in China.
  • Ultimately it’s this ground work which can make the difference between success and failure. In the long run, we believe you’ll find our services great value for money!

Q#7:I Already Import From China… How Can NHS Help Me?

A7: Firstly, sourcing, negotiating price, confirming product specifications and options can be a time consuming process. Many people would prefer someone trusted to take care of this for them. It frees up time to focus on running their business.

Secondly they know using NHS is an extension of their own business. There is NO substitute for having someone, on the ground, in China looking after their needs and interests.

With NHS managing your quality control needs you’ll not only save time – but as we’ve seen time and again – will save thousands of dollars by ensuring members get exactly what they ordered!

Just A Reminder

Most of customers will face to an embarrassing question that you may realize how could be the shipment charge will equal to goods’value, even more? How unworthy it is! For example: it is quite worthy that you buy a sofa at USD400. Caused by import freight and incidentals, it will make sofa not worthy. That’s the reason why people are not willing to import one set or small items from China. So,here is the question about to answer: how to reduce cost when you really want to buy things from China?

1. Buy more to make the goods more worthy. Actually Riwick is not only acting a furniture sourcing agent, but we can help you to buy more things like construction material, bedding, and so on if you advise. What’s more, there are lots of products with good quality and low price. Why don’t you try it?

2. You could share the cost with your friends, relatives, colleagues if they also have a plan to buy things from China. Hope that this reminder could help a lot, thanks!